Media Coverage for Your Product

We Pioneered Performance-Based Publicity

We charge per each Newsie, not by the hour. We’ve been doing business this way for more than 30 years. You will always get a media story for your money.

Media Relations Agency offers 2 levels of service. The first is our custom service. We tailor media coverage to the specific needs of our clients. You can find out more about our custom service by visiting our website

The second level of service is something we call Newsies. That’s what this website is about. This second level of service costs less and is for clients who will pretty much take any media coverage we can arrange for them.

I’ll use myself as an example. I recently published a book entitled “The CEO’s Guide To Marketing.” I need to get the word out about my book to as many people as possible, so I don’t care if it’s a nationally syndicated radio show, a blog, or a hometown newspaper. My parameters are wide open. We call this type of media coverage Newsies and I’ll take all the Newsies I can get. That’s because any type of media coverage anywhere will help sell my book. I don’t worry if the media outlet is a fit because no one will do the story if they think their audience isn’t interested.

Because Newsies cost less, they do two things: They lower the cost for clients who have wide-open parameters, and they make our service available to clients with smaller budgets.

Whether we customize your media coverage or you buy one or more Newsies, I believe media stories will give you tremendous bang for your marketing dollars. There’s nothing more persuasive to a prospective customer than when someone says something nice about your product. Media coverage is like an endorsement on steroids. And not only do those endorsements have a long shelf life, you can cross-channel promote the heck out of your good news. We repurpose every media story about my book many times. We blog about each one on our website, we do emailings to our database, we post on LinkedIn and Facebook, and tweet like a mockingbird.

Many marketers don’t realize they can mobilize a team to control earned media coverage. But our clients do. And many have been sending us a check every month for several years and longer.

Lonny Kocina

Chief Executive Officer
Media Relations Agency

Q. How long have we been arranging new stories?
A. 30 years!

Q. How many media stories have we arranged?
A. Oh, just tens-of-thousands.

Q. How do we charge?
A. Like we always have: per story, not by the hour.